“We believe that real comfort & true satisfaction can be found in the simplest of forms”

Martin Dean – Kernow Springs Director


  • For centuries different cultures around the world have recognised the many benefits associated with soaking in a traditional wooden hot tub. Indeed the Greeks, the Romans and the Japanese have always regarded it as a ritual – an act of comforting the body and nourishing the soul.
  • The combination of the deep water and the aroma of the wooden tub as it heats up is a truly purifying experience that simply can not be matched from time spent in a standard ‘plastic’ commercial type tub. The occasional wiff of smoke & the crackle of the fire is a comforting reminder that the water in your hot tub is being heated by burning carbon neutral ‘coppiced’ wood.
  • The Kernow Springs Eco Spa is EXCLUSIVELY driven by the power of burning wood – No electricity – No pumps – 100% Natural – 100% Sustainable. Bringing a breath of fresh air to your Spa experience.
  • After your hot soak or sauna session take a cold ‘drench’ shower to leave you feeling energised, uplifted & totally refreshed.

  • Kernow Springs is an all weather participation. Indeed bathing in the rain or snow is an experience that many of our clients embrace!
  • Our beautiful wood fired hot tubs are available to buy in a variety of sizes & wood types. Prices from £2236 including delivery and Instalation. CLICK HERE FOR SALES.

Kernow Springs – ‘A time of tranquil refreshment in our busy lives’

Heath, Vitality & Well-being