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The stand out feature of a Larch hot tub is its natural resistance to decay.
Larch timber is a softwood but with a very high density – around 41 lds/ft3, it also contains a natural preservative that resists moisture. These factors alone can protect your hot tub for years from decay & insect damage.
Larch is a hard, rough, strong timber which is up to 70% stronger than most Pines. It can be used untreated in wet weather conditions and will not rot for 20 years or so even if left in the ground.
Hot tubs made from Larch are considered to be the most ‘solid’. Larch grows slower and therefore has a higher wood density, and contains a higher resin substance. A hot tub made from Larch has a much warmer brown / yellow colour, with beautiful visible grain.
All of our tubs include, Internal seats, external steps, wooden cover with handles, heater fence, wooden paddle for water mix, decorative top rim, drinksholder and ash shovel.

Prices include delivery and installation (to a stable and level base). Instructions and 2 years warranty.

All prices exclude VAT at 20%



  • 1.6m (up to 6 persons)
  • 1.8m (up to 8 persons)
  • 2.0m (up to 10 persons)
  • 2.2m (up to 12 persons)

Internal Heater

(minus 3 seats)
  • £2,850.00
  • £2,950.00
  • £3,215.00
  • £3,449.00

Semi Internal Heater

(minus 1 seat)
  • £3,230.00
  • £3,415.00
  • £3,770.00
  • £3,965.00

External Heater

  • £3,285.00
  • £3,480.00
  • £3,870.00
  • £3,999.00


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Kernow Springs (@Roamingecospa)

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